Big thank you to Suellen from Bayly Allure for doing an amazing job on the wedding make-up for myself, bridesmaids and mothers for my wedding at Cedar Creek Lodges, Mt Tambourine on 8/04/2016. I have difficulties expressing myself when I am not completely happy with something, however at my wedding trial Suellen made me feel comfortable about making changes, with her focus on making the client happy and sent me photos for reference after the trial.

Suellen made sure all her make-up was the style each girl wanted and was good about picking up if anyone was not 100% satisfied (i.e., my mother) and changed it to exactly the style they wanted, even if they had difficulties explaining what that was. Suellen also went with the flow when I got a fake-tan, curled my eyelashes and used some wrinkle reducing cream I got online and had never tried before on the day and not at the trial (sorry about that Suellen).

Suellen was very professional and dedicated to her art, even coming back to our accommodation to apply lipstick so we could continue eating and offering to lace up my dress, to perfect the overall look. I could not have asked for more. Suellen also knew all my other wedding suppliers, coming to Edge Hairdressing before they opened, complete with key to start the make-up, working around times with other staff, knew Steve McMarson our wedding photographer and Di who also assisted with my hair extensions. This made for a very smooth and enjoyable day where we all felt pampered.

I could not have asked for better service and would highly recommend Suellen to anyone.